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Wish List

There are so many items that can help us help the horses such as hay, feed, health care items (wormers, bandage materials, betadine), building & fencing materials, tack, office supplies (copy paper, ink cartridges), horse trailers, grooming tools and so much more.

Here's the list. It's always growing...

  • 4-horse stock trailer – preferably inspected and in good condition
  • Wintec All-Purpose Saddle – with changeable gullet system
  • Gift cards to Allie's Tack and Feed in North Kingstown, RI and/or Tractor Supply
  • Blue Seal Carb Guard Feed
  • Blue Seal Hay Stretcher
  • Timothy or other grass hay – no alfalfa please
  • Pine shavings
  • Wheel barrow
  • Plastic pitch forks (Future Forks)
  • Round Pen Panels – metal, pipe fence portable livestock panels
  • Outdoor lighting for round pen and run-in shed area
  • Lumber and materials for additional run-in sheds
  • Garage-in-a-box portable shelters
  • Dewormers – Strongid or Ivermectin
  • Rope halters
  • No-clip lead ropes
  • Copy paper
  • Ink cartridges for Epson Stylus C86
  • Watercolor paper – at least 8”x 10”
  • Items for Ebay and Silent Auctions – artwork, collectibles, tack

If you have something not on this list that you may want to donate – please contact us.


Other Opportunities to Give

We have several unique programs which allow you to become a vital part of Horseplay! Please contact us to be a part of our program.

“Sponsor a Herd Member”- For a donation of $500 a year, you will receive monthly letters/photos of the horse of your choice. You will be welcome to visit our horses (planned visits) and give your horse a hug and a carrot or two. Your donation of $500 will provide one of our herd with necessary routine vet expenses and hoof care as well as help with feed and hay.

“Keep ‘em in Hay” – For a donation of $300 you will be allowing us to purchase roughly one ton of hay. This will feed the present herd for one month. Hay is vital to good horse health – a horse requires 2% of it's body weight in food per day just to maintain their weight. Also as they are grazing herbivores, most of that food should be in a fibrous forage, i.e. hay.

“Trim our Hooves” – for a donation of $250 you will be allowing us to trim the hooves of 10 horses. This is done on a regular basis, about every 6 weeks, as their hooves grow (like our fingernails) and need to be maintained to prevent lameness.

“Feed the Herd” – For a donation of $150, Horse Play will be able to purchase 10 bags of feed. This will feed the present herd for 10 days.

“Shelter the Herd” – For a donation of $75 you will be allowing us to purchase 10 replacement or new boards for wooden run-in sheds.