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Our Purpose

We find the role of animals profoundly valuable and dedicate our project to the theory that:

"Animals are the most agreeable of friends, they ask no questions, pass no judgements." -T. S. Elliot

Horse Play is a non-profit organization that operates an equine rescue/sanctuary in Saunderstown, Rhode Island.

Our equine sanctuary provides rescue and rehabilitation for abused, neglected, unwanted, and/or slaughter-bound horses. Many horses come to Horse Play because their owners can no longer afford to keep them, children outgrow or lose interest in them, some owners do not have the skills or knowledge to provide proper care and many horses are just considered"disposable" - if the horse isn't winning, it goes to auction. Most of these horses also have health and/or behavior problems.

We use humane, communication-oriented "teaching" methods in our training/retraining, provide quality vet care, feed and lots of love. Some horses are eventually placed in approved adoptive homes. Those horses who are "unplaceable" live out their lives at the Sanctuary.

Miracles, even small ones, need no explanation.
Maybe the horses know, but they are quiet.
Maybe, just maybe, if we listen, we will grow to understand...

All life is sacred here.

The Tails and Tribulations
Horse Play

The cobblestones clip-clop beneath our feet,

As we take each step close to the front gate we seek.

A magnitude of horses, some standard, some small,

Approach us with caution,

Standing regal, standing tall.

A profusion of motion, as their colors collide

A kaleidoscope of imagery, a rainbow they provide.

All of God's creatures to hold and adore,

Never to be beaten or slaughtered,

Or feel suffering anymore.

This safe haven, also known as their home,

Finally free to be themselves,

Many acres they may roam.

So, if you ever need encouragement,

Or are having a bad day,

Surely you'll smile your brightest smile

When you journey to this beautiful sanctuary

We know as "Horse Play"!

(by Debbie DeAscentis)

In Loving Memory of
LouAnn Nelson.
An advocate for animals.
Her gently heart and kind soul
will always be remembered.

Horse Play Equine Sanctuary Staff

Deidre Sharp, Administrator and The Alpha Mare
Garry Cayce, Asst. Adminstrator, Mustang Wrangler and Dog Walker
Patrice Hughes, Research, Education and Fence Fixing
Troy Hughes, Web Honcho and Media