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Horse Play is a non-profit organization for the benefit of horses and humans.

By combining the rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted horses with the undeniable benefits of human and horse interaction, we hope to make the world a better place.

And we need your help.

It seems we are always asking for money! And we are - prices for everything have risen and donations have dropped - we still have horses to feed!

But we will give back - For less than $2.10 per month, you can help horses in need

Become a Member - Join our Herd at Horse Play

Basic Memberships start at $25 per year (that's less than $2.10 per month!)

Basic membership includes a member card, a letter from and a photo of one of Horse Play's residents, Horse Play decal/bumper sticker, our bi-monthly newsletter (either email or snail mail - your choice), and free admission to several upcoming events. Additional membership options are also available. All Membership fees go directly to the care of the horses - Hay, Feed, Vet, Farrier and Dental Care

We have several levels of membership available - Visit our Membership page for details.

We also offer these additional services in which ALL fees are a donation to Horse Play

  • Riding Instruction – all ages, all disciplines – Balanced Centered Riding - your farm or ours
  • Horse Training – all ages, all disciplines, behavioral issues, problems, vices – Communication-based methods and techniques of Natural Horsemanship - your farm or ours
  • Barefoot Natural Horse Hoof Trimming – all horses - 10+ years experience – methods of Pete Ramey and KC LaPierre
  • Birthday Parties – here at Horse Play – we provide location, tables, a little décor and pony rides
  • Hand-made Art – Medicine Shoes, Horseshoe Dream Catchers, Medicine Ponies, Prayer Feathers, Rhythm Beads, Stepping Stones, “Hoof Prints” (cast and acrylic painting), Prinny Printz (paintings by Princess, a QH mare here at Horse Play)
  • Sponsor a Horse - many options - just commit to a monthly amount - Sponsors may visit, groom, and play with the horse they sponsor
  • There are also riding opportunities for qualified folks

So when you help us help horses, you, too, get something back (in addition to just knowing you helped a horse!) and don't forget it's ALL tax- deductible.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


Horse Play always needs volunteers! For tasks from cleaning paddocks, to grooming and exercising horses—Planning fundraisers to mailing letters for Annual Campaigns—the horses depend on you. Contact us for more information.

Foster Care

By opening your hearts to the needs of a rescued equine, also opens the gates here to another equine in need being able to arrive. We have limited space and funds and an extra stall or two that you may have can help further our mission. Contact us if you think you can help.

In-Kind Donations

There are so many items that can help us help the horses such as hay, feed, health care items (wormers, bandage materials, betadine), building & fencing materials, tack, office supplies (copy paper, ink cartridges), horse trailers, grooming tools and so much more.  Take a look at our complete Wish List.

Other Giving Opportunities

We have plenty of unique giving programs such as “Adopt a Herd Member” and “Keep ‘em in Hay” available. Take a look at the complete listing on our Wish List page.

Donations - Pay Pal Makes it Easy

A bale of hay is $7, a bag of feed is $14, the farrier is $25 per horse every 6 – 8 weeks, dewormer is $10 per horse every 8 weeks – we gladly accept donations of any amount.

Checks may be made out to Horse Play and mailed to PO Box 660, Exeter, RI 02822. If you prefer the convenience of an on-line donation we are partnered with Pay Pal to accept on-line gifts through their secure serve. (Please use the link to the left.)

Corporate Sponsorship

Are you a business owner who would like to become affiliated with our organization? We have many levels of corporate sponsorship that offers you recognition for your kind support. Visit our Corporate Sponsorship page for details.

In addition to our free wallpapers, please visit our online shop for some beautiful Horse Play merchandise. All proceeds from purchases go to helping our program.